Convocatoria de Sonic Terrain para 2013 World Listening Day

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As you probably know already, the World Listening Day 2013 is approaching. It will be celebrated in the week of July 18th. It’s a very special day for all of us listeners, recordists, artists, so… ¿What about celebrating it online by doing a collective work of field recordings released here at Sonic Terrain?

We’re accepting submissions of any kind of environmental recordings or compositions, which would be available for download in a compilation release that will be published on this site during this month as part of a series of field recording publications we’ll be starting very soon.


  • Material needs to be field recordings only (not studio recordings, digital/analog generated sounds, voice radio podcasts, etc). You can send raw recordings or soundscape compositions (not heavy processing allowed, just basic stuff such as eq, editing, fades, etc)
  • Please send us your files in WAV format (24-Bit/48khz or higher if you can)
  • Duration time of the pieces should be between 4 and 20 minutes. You can send up to three submissions although not all would be necessarily published (it would depend on the amount of content we receive)
  • Send a download link to (Do not send the file. Please use a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc)
  • Along with the recording, include the name of the piece and some notes about you and your submission (not obligatory) and a web link and/or soundcloud profile if you have it
  • Material sent shouldn’t be already published in a label or any kind of released work and should be allowed to be published in this site.
  • Deadline is July 18th.

Let’s create a great listening experience together! Send some of your favorite recordings, compositions, or just go outside and capture some nice sounds. We would love to listen to them!



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